Still in Grand Haven

maria | August 26, 2013 | COMMENTS:2 Comments »

Riddle me this: 90% of the time, the wind on Lake Michigan blows from North or Northwest. In the last two weeks, 10 out of 14 days the wind has been South or Southwest. WHY?!!

As you can tell, we’re a little frustrated. Fortunately Grand Haven is a nice town and Maria’s sister and brother in law live here, so we have built in transportation and free laundry.

If anyone has any pull, do what you can for 5-10 knot winds from the North and waves of 2 feet or less.

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  1. Tom & V Bridges says:

    I really envy you on your voyage. It is fun to find new places and meet so many new people. You two are apparently well prepared for this trip. When you get down to the Tennessee River and find Land Between the Lakes you will have so much beauty you may stop occasionally for an extra day here and there. Bay Springs is a great lake with clear water and wonderful private anchorages.

    I told you my son lives in Grand Rapids (743 Forest Hill Ave.)He also has a house in West Olive (14998 Croswell St.) He did live in Holland and Zeeland for a few years.


    • maria says:

      Thanks Tom & V. We are still waiting for the wind to shift so we can continue South. So far this trip is helping us learn more about patience! We really appreciate your support and knowledge of the later parts of the trip.