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We broke at least 2 of these rules during our stay

We broke at least 2 of these rules during our stay

Beginning Location: Henry, IL
Ending Location: Peoria, IL
Miles Traveled: 34
Locks: 0
Weather: Breezy. There were whitecaps on the river!
Stayed at: Peoria Public Docks (Free with 30 Amp power)

After our extended stay in Henry/Princeton, we left late on a Thursday morning to travel an easy 30 miles to downtown Peoria.

With our 5 foot draft (the amount of water we need under our boat), many of the marinas and anchorages on the Illinois are not accessible to us. We were hoping to stay at the very nice Illinois Valley Yacht Club Thursday night, but their channel is not deep enough for our boat this fall. Instead we continued to downtown Peoria and tied up at their public docks.

Technically, overnight stays are not allowed at these docks, but no one enforces the rules, so many people stay for a night or two, or even a week in high season. When we arrived, we had the place pretty much to ourselves. We choose a spot that would have required any “inquisitive youngsters” to walk a long way down to docks to “explore” our boat and felt pretty safe.

Peoria is a very nice town. Their riverfront area has many restaurants, nice park areas, and lots of people walking around. We took full advantage of the good food and enjoyed a couple of brews at Rhodell Brewery and a wonderful Cajun dinner at Rhythm Kitchen. Any time we can avoid eating our own cooking is a good time!

Peoria is pretty fun

Because of our need for good wifi for Bruce’s work, we spent part of Friday at the Peoria Public Library and got some other errands done. We also had a chance to talk to Joe, a boater we first met on the wall in Joliet. Joe is retired and moving to Nashville, TN on his 32 foot Trojan, which he purchased for $2500 this summer. He’s an interesting guy with many stories that are not fit to print here. Part of the reason we are making this trip is to meet people from different parts of the country and different walks of life. Joe definitely qualifies!

Joe is moving on the cabin cruiser in this picture.

Joe is moving on the cabin cruiser in this picture.

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  1. Our paths crossed at the Peoria Lock. We were the sailboat that locked through with you, trying to nudge close to let you know we are Loopers too. (Our flag droops behind the mast.) Our adventure is coming to a close south of the Pickwick Dam in Tennessee, while it looks like yours is just beginning. If there’s anything we can do to help, please let us know. Kent & Jane on S/V Carina, Catalina 34 MKII

    • maria says:

      Kent and Jane, where did you disappear to after the lock? We headed south and you were gone!
      Anyway, congratulations on nearly crossing your wake. I will email you with some details about our travels.