Pekin, The Best Boat Club of Them All

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The best dressed couple at the Pekin Boat Club Annual Luau!!

Beginning Location: Peoria, IL
Ending Location: Pekin, IL
Miles Traveled: 10
Locks: 1
Weather: Perfect for a Luau
Stayed at: Pekin Boat Club (Cost: How much was that bar tab?)

During their mad dash south last year, Nathan and Johanna of stayed at the venerable Pekin Boat Club for a night. In our search for the elusive 5 feet of water and good wifi, we gave Pekin’s caretaker Stan a call. He welcomed us, as he had welcomed Nathan and Jo, with kindness, generosity and hospitality.

After a quick transit of the Peoria Lock, where we just floated as the lock lowered us 8 feet, we made it to Pekin in plenty of time to attend the club’s Luau. As we tied up to the dock, club member Dale let us know, “Pekin has a lot of diversity. We have rednecks, rednecks and more rednecks!” This was a good indicator of the fun to follow.

They know how to throw a party around here!

They know how to throw a party around here!

After changing into the two Hawaiian shirts Bruce wisely packed, we headed up to the club to enjoy a potluck dinner, cheap beer and live music. We also met many of the club members who really went out of their way to make us feel welcome. We had offers of breakfast the next morning, rides into town, and lots of information which will help us in our trip down the Illinois. We also won the “Best Dressed Couple” contest! This is the kind of place we can get used to.


Floating on the gas dock in Pekin. We got waked a few times, but had a nice stay.

Floating on the gas dock in Pekin. We got waked a few times, but had a nice stay.

Young Huck Finns in Pekin

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11 Responses

  1. dede.bob says:

    Wow what great fun you all are having..Be safe on your next trip

  2. Jodi says:

    Hi Maria, Bruce! Love reading your adventures. I might not be with you physically, but trust me, I am mentally. Happy travels.

  3. Brian Seely says:

    Looks like you two are having way too much fun!! I am enjoying reading your blog. Looking forward to seeing you in October. Here’s to high water and good beer! Brian

    • maria says:

      Thank you, Brian. We are definitely having new experiences along the way! We look forward to seeing you next week.

  4. Annette Edwards says:

    Hi Maria & Bruce,
    This is an awesome site! What a great way to journal your travels. I will keep this in mind next time we go camping! Or heck maybe I should start one called…My Life at the Pekin Boat Club!!! 🙂
    I am so glad you were able stop and party with us at the Luau! What a great time! If you really want to see a wild and crazy party…come join us in February for Winter Games!!! Then I have to invite you for Miss Riverbottom! The crown jewel of the Illinois River. Maybe we could make Bruce an honorary member and we could dress him up!!! Just kidding!
    I hope you both can stop in again sometime! If you do, be sure to give us a call!
    Take care and be safe,
    Annette & Mike

    • maria says:

      Annette, it was great to meet you and Mike. We had a great time at the luau. Bruce politely declines your offer to enter Miss Riverbottom, however. His pole dancing skills are a bit rusty these days!

  5. Annette Edwards says:

    Oh and Happy Anniversary!!!!

  6. Tom & V Bridges says:

    This is the fourth day without hearing from you. I am starving for information. We hope everything is going smoothly.
    I found two identical letters in your mailbox today, one to each of you, that feel like credit cards inside; there is no identification as to who they are from other than P.O. Box 9049 Coppell,TX 75019.

    Tom & V

    • maria says:

      Tom, we’ve been in the wilds of Illinois (yes, there are wilds in Illinois) and will catch up with blogging today and tomorrow. We’ll give you a call about the mail. Thanks for keeping us updated.

      • Tom & V Bridges says:

        We have the charts and cruise guides that Tom Gauthier is lending you. How and where should I send them?