No Room at the Inn

maria | August 29, 2013 | COMMENTS:Comments Closed
The iconic St. Joseph lighthouse

The iconic St. Joseph lighthouse

Beginning Location: Saugatuck, MI
End Location: St. Joseph, MI
Miles Traveled: 47
Weather: Perfect, with a side of Black Flies
Stayed at: West Basin Marina ($29 with the friends and family discount)

Today was a day of Plans B, C, and D. We originally planned to head to South Haven a mere [insert mile] from Saugatuck, so we left at the late hour of 11:00 am. We (meaning Maria) didn’t bother with a slip reservation because South Haven always has open slips in their 3 municipal marinas. So, why bother with a reservation even though it’s Labor Day weekend and forecast to be blazing hot and gorgeous. People wouldn’t want to use their boats would they? We thought we would pull in to a slip, relax for a couple days and head to St. Joseph on Sunday after the Tri State Regatta racers had left.

Yeah, that didn’t work out so well. It turned out South Haven was booked solid and we would have been 5 boats down on the waiting list for the weekend. St. Joseph would be full on Friday and Saturday due to the previously mentioned Regatta. Saugatuck would be full. No room at the inn!

After some weather checking, we came up with an alternate plan. We made the long run to St. Joseph who could fit us in for night thanks to all those racers heading to Chicago Thursday morning and booked a slip in Michigan City, IN (which really does always have slips) for Friday and Saturday.

Maria’s mom and dad came to the rescue (again!), meeting us at the marina, bringing our mail, and driving us to Wolf’s Marine, a grocery store, an ATM and the Mark III for some tasty Mexican food. Worn out after a long, harried day, Maria was sleeping by about 9:30!!

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