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Chicago is just a haze away

Chicago is just a haze away

Beginning Location: Hammond, IN
Ending Location: Dolton, IL
Miles Traveled: 11
Weather: Calm wind, happy sailors motor boaters
Stayed at: Marine Services ($40.50 for a nice dock next to a landfill)

Today the mast came down…

Okay, that sounds bad, but it was good. From here until Mobile, Alabama, we will be traveling as a motor boat. There are many, many bridges between here and there. Some of them are quite low and don’t open. If we didn’t take the mast down, the bridges would do it for us!

We work up early this morning to motor up to the Calumet River to have our mast removed at Skyway Yacht Works. This was a day of firsts for us. By 8am we had requested our first bridge opening and passed our first barge. By 9am, we pulled into Skyway and 4 men descended on the boat and began unhooking everything. By 10am, our mast was dangling from a crane, seen in the video below:

By 11am we were on our way downriver, headed to our first lock! During our trip, we will have to go through many locks, which raise and lower boats through rivers that have been altered by human engineering. The first one we went through, the Thoman O’Brien, lowered us a whole 2 feet! It was pretty easy, since we didn’t have to tie off to anything and barely had to wait.

O'Brien Lock

O’Brien Lock

After getting through the lock, we pulled into our marina for the night, Marine Services in Dolton, IL. The marina was just fine, if you overlook the landfill next door. We did have a great time talking to a couple of the slip renters there. We hope to see Larry in his beautiful Chris Craft Roamer down in Florida some day. We owe him a bottle of wine.


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