It Is Begun

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Beginning Location: Ludington, MI
End Location: Pentwater, MI
Miles Traveled: 12(ish)
Weather: No Wind, Small but confused seas, Hazy
Stayed at: Snug Harbor Marina ($45 52.50!! for a 30 foot boat)

We started our journey today. After a week of delays, we finally got off the dock in Ludington. We wanted to swing through Pentwater one last time, so we only traveled the 12 miles or so from dock to dock and were done by 11:30 this morning.The trip was short, but a little bit choppy. There was a storm last night that churned up the water and the waves were coming from a couple different directions. This is not a big deal, just a bit uncomfortable.

Today was the first time we moved the boats with our 2 cats (Pudgy and Grace) onboard. They definitely didn’t seem to enjoy the trip. Poor Grace threw up and was laying in her own vomit until I picked her up and cleaned her off. They both found the tiniest and most uncomfortable spots to wedge themselves into. We’re going to try something else next time and see if we can get them to calm down. The chop and rolling motion it caused on the boat definitely didn’t help them get their sea legs!

The rest of the day has been about getting small jobs done on the boat – like making sure we can both grab t-shirts AND underwear without digging through the lockers.

We’ve spent plenty of time in Pentwater – we got weathered in for 3 days last summer – so we don’t plan to stay long. If the weather is with us, we will be quite a ways south for the weekend.

Here’s a bunch of delightful photos to show you the rest of our day.

Cabin Boy Bruce at the Helm. So long, Harborview Marina. We love you, but it's too darn cold in the winter.

Cabin Boy Bruce at the Helm. So long, Harborview Marina. We love you, but it’s too darn cold in the winter.

Hello Badger

Hello Badger

Goodbye, Badger

Goodbye, Badger

Pentwater has the look of a small New England fishing village.

Pentwater has the look of a small New England fishing village.


This blog doesn't write itself

This blog doesn’t write itself

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4 Responses

  1. Yay! It feels so good to be started, eh? Congratulations and safe travels. I will look forward to reading about ALL your adventures!

    As for your cats’ comfort, do you have carriers on board for them that they’re used to? Our cat will sometimes climb into his carrier, but most of the time he is perched on the shelf farthest aft (he’s no dummy–knows where motion is least violent in seas) and usually wedged in by something. They seem to like tight, dark places.

    • maria says:

      Thanks for the suggestions, Jo. We do have their carrier. We plan to put them in it and have them in the cockpit with us tomorrow. We also made a couple cubby holes for them, but they have found spots we didn’t know existed!

      It does feel good to be moving!

  2. Bob & Dede says:

    Sounds like fun so far. the poor cats

  3. irene Milligan says:

    Very excited to read your daily updates, Maria & Bruce. All the delays were for a good reason… you will hopefully be on the Illinois River when your new cousin arrives. Be safe.
    Aunt Irene