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Improbable Gets Her Name

Improbable Gets Her Name

Today, August 12, is the three year anniversary of our purchase of Improbable. At the time, she was called “Celtic Piper” and had been sitting in a dirt yard for over a year. As new boat owners, we had NO IDEA what we were getting into. In the past three years we have:

  • Cleaned a really filthy boat
  • Figured out how to dock the darn thing.
  • Buffed, waxed and buffed some more.
  • Sanded copper bottom paint. We still taste pennies when we eat.
  • Replaced the engine, transmission and fuel tank. SURPRISE!
  • Paid someone else to remove the old holding tank. Best boat money we’ve ever spent!
  • Crossed Lake Michigan twice.
  • Decided there is too much of our money, sweat, blood (literally!) and tears embedded into the fiberglass to part with her now.

Improbable is far from perfect. Her sails are pretty worn out. The “standing headroom” in the bow is just high enough to ensure Bruce hits his head every day. We’re still finding dog hair from the previous owners’ yellow lab.

We’ve put way more money into her than we will ever see again, but we’re just getting her to the point where we feel like she’s “our” boat. That’s why she is moving to Fort Myers with us, and not sitting in a dirt yard waiting for new owners.

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