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maria | October 19, 2013 | COMMENTS:1 Comment »

Beginning Location: New Johnsonville, TN
Ending Location: Cuba Landing, TN
Miles Traveled: 19
Stayed at: Cuba Landing Marina ($30)

Today was another short day, traveling only 19 miles to Cuba Landing. We didn’t even take any pictures!

Cuba Landing is yet another pretty place located in a wildlife refuge. The marina is pretty basic and there is nothing else around for miles. We went for yet another walk in the Tennessee woods and listened to the Tigers lose using the MLB phone app.

Just another day on the Tennessee River.

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  1. Tom & V Bridges says:

    Did Cuba Landing still have the great big towboat propeller on display? The last time we were there we had a fried with a 126 ft. yacht named “Eye Deal” he owned eye clinics all over the Eastern USA. There was a thunderstorm coming and Cuba Landing would not let him tie up to the dock because with high wind his boat would destroy the docks. He had to wait out in the river for a couple of hours for the storm to pass then he could dock.