Down the Mighty Mississippi (And Up the Ohio)

maria | October 4, 2013 | COMMENTS:1 Comment »

This will be a quick one.

We are back at the boat in Alton, IL. Tomorrow we will leave at first light for a 300 mile stretch of the rivers that does not offer much in the way of recreational facilities. We’ll do the entire stretch in 5 or 6 days. Until we reach Grand Rivers, KY we won’t have internet access, so we won’t be posting any blog updates.

We’ll talk at you next week.

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  1. Tom and Donna Gauthier says:

    You are headed for a pretty bleak stretch of river! Hope your view of the Gateway Arch is great. I got an app for my phone that used it as a “Hot Spot” at that gave me limited access for e-mail and stuff in places where there was no wifi.