Breaking Away

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Beginning Location: Grand Haven, MI
Ending Location: Saugatuck, MI
Miles Traveled: 32
Weather: Just a little bitty swell
Stayed at: Tower Marina ($60 OUCH!)
Filled up with Diesel in Grand Haven (7.5 gallons for $31.34)

We finally got away from Grand Haven today! Although it was great to see Maria’s family, 5 nights was too long in a rolly marina!

We filled up with diesel in the morning and headed south to Saugatuck. Lake Michigan was fairly calm with a slight North wind helping to push us along. After making an interesting discovery about our autopilot (more on this to come), we resigned ourselves to hand steering the rest of the trip.

It was a great, warm day which often means one thing on the lake… BLACK FLIES!! Anyone who has boated on Lake Michigan has probably encountered these horrible, horrible insects. They descend on boats after you get about a 1/2 mile offshore and they stay with you until you get to your next port. And they BITE! They seem to go for our feet and ankles the most, but they’ll take an arm, leg or back in a pinch. Needless to say, the cockpit was bloody and the fly swatter was busy all day.

Black Flies!!!

Black Flies!!!

After about a 6 hour motor, we came to the Saugatuck Channel and were greeted by this new development. Yeah, we could handle that.

The Channel into Saugatuck. What a beautiful area.

The Channel into Saugatuck. What a beautiful area.

After we docked at Tower Marina, we had enough time to enjoy the pool before setting out in search of dinner. Since we were on the Douglas side of the river, we figured we would take the chain ferry across the river. We walked the mile or so the ferry, only to find it was shut down for the night! Happily, a woman who lives next to the ferry called the town shuttle for us and they drove us into Saugatuck for $1 each, saving us about a 2 1/2 mile walk. We love walking, but we were also hungry!! We never learned that woman’s name, but our feet definitely appreciate her kindness.

We had a great dinner at Phil’s (seriously, they may have the best food in a town full of great food) and began the 1 1/2 mile walk back the marina. We were lucky to meet Loretta and Bob of Carol Anne [find link]. Bruce met them at the fuel dock in Grand Haven and they invited us to tour their beautiful boat. It was a great way to end our first travel day in a long time!

It was a beautiful feeling to fall asleep in a boat that was gently rocking in it’s slip, not bouncing like a bucking bronco!


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